Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Current Computer Rig

So I figured since I am going to be doing a computer upgrade in the near future, I thought I might as well share a little of what I currently have.

Here are my current specs:

-AMD Athlon 64 5200+ Dual Core
-ATI Sapphire 4850 1GB
-Gigabyte GMA-57-SLI
-2GB DDR2 Ram
-Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM HD
-Western Digital 400GB External HD
-Rosewill 550W PSU

Im still debating which parts I should upgrade and which parts I should keep. However, I am for sure to upgrade the motherboard, ram, and processor. Those three are just outdated. I will possibly also upgrade my video card as well if needed to play BFBC2. Sigh, decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. Not a bad rig. I've got 4gb RAM in mine, but it's probably more than I need. Looking to upgrade in the coming months.

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  2. You already have a great PC, following you now

  3. The new sandy bridge chips.... get them!!! Time for a whole new rig IMO :p